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Welcome To Sani Lodge

Truly a one of a kind Ecuador Ecolodge

Deep within the Ecuadorian Amazon you will find a mysterious lake called Challuacocha, where floating water hyacinths and grasses obscure the shores. Float here for a while, scanning the horizon and you would probably notice the yellow banded chest of an Aracari or hear the hoarse whisper of the Hoatzin. Come to Challuacocha and feel the mystery. Come to Challuacocha and experience the world of Sani Lodge.

To the north of Challuacocha lies the Cuyabeno Reserve and along the southern border stretches the vast Yasuni National Park. In the corridor between, located on 40,000 hectares (100,000 acres) of untouched rainforest lies Sani Lodge, a unique Ecuador ecolodge. Here, the biodiversity will amaze you! On your adventure, you will walk through a pristine rainforest gallery that is home to 1,500 species of trees, hundreds of climbing vines, and exotic flowers, as well as 550 species of tropical birds, 13 species of monkeys and 1,000 species of beautiful butterflies.

With our extensive knowledge of the Amazon wildlife and biodiversity we can give Sani Lodge guests the true experience of an Ecuadorian Amazon jungle tour.

The Lodge

Comfortable, Natural and Mysterious

  • Accommodation
    The location allows our guests incredible sunsets, bird watching and Black Caiman watching at night. Readmore
  • Restaurant
    Our Chef will delight our guests with 3 exquisite meals. Our staff has more than 15 years Readmore
  • Prices
    Price includes accommodation, 3 meals per day, a native guide, a bilingual guide, rubber boots for the walks... Readmore
  • Getting Here
    Your plane leaves from Quito's airport (Local Departure) at 7.30 am. (flight time subject to change)... Readmore
    Getting Here


Our best and most interesting activities at Sani Lodge

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A Real Culture Experience

With no Make Up, Our Culture experience is amazing and real, we are glad to receive you in our homes, to introduce you to our families, to see our traditions and off course to enjoy a really nice time.

cultural experience

Amazon Travel Tips

Amazon useful information

The Amazon Jungle, the world's largest remaining rainforest, stretches from eastern Ecuador to the Atlantic Ocean and covers an area almost as large as the continental USA.

Amazon travel tips



We live in Sani Isla, we don´t want to sell the idea of being responsible with water, nature and people. We must be and we are proud to say that our black water system is the best in the Ecuadorian amazon lodges, our trails has the lowest impact to the surroundings and our profits stays here with our people, in education, and healthcare.